Toyota C-HR GR Sport 2022: In Depth Review

Toyota C-HR GR Sport 2022: In Depth Review

Toyota C-HR GR Sport 2022: In Depth Review
Toyota C-HR GR Sport 

The Toyota C-HR has been around for a few years. It was launched earlier in 2016 and although there was a facelift around a year ago, in general the look of the car has not really changed a great deal. But this GR Sport version is new and I should probably explain what GR Sport is all about. So GR stands for gazoo racing. And it's Toyota's motorsport division. And the GR page is also worn by Toyota's fastest road going cars at the moment.


GR Sport basically means you get the Sporty looks, but without any extra power or higher running costs. So it's a bit like M sport is to BMW or Slime is to Audi. And if you go for the GL Sport version of the Toyota C-HR, you get these bespoke 19 inch two tone alloys. You can also get a black roof and you get a darker tint to the headlight lenses as well.

On top of that, there is this all black, or dark chrome, as Todd calls it, front GRille here. There is also sports suspension. Now, the Toyota C-HR is actually a bigger car than it might look. It takes up roughly the same amount of space on the road as a Scota Corok. So, it should be a practical family car.

let very considerable light into the car at all, so it feels pretty claustrophobic back here. It's also worth knowing that cars like the Ford Puma and Nissan Juke, even though they're smaller than this in terms of exterior dimensions, have a similar extent of space in the back, they are cheaper as well.


So generally, pretty good cars in this class. The air conditioning controls are a little bit tricky because you have got these rocker switches here that you sort of need to nudge up and down to change the interior temperature. I think Toyota has perhaps acknowledged that actually because of its more recent models like the Yaris, the Corolla and the Highlander, they've reverted to twist knobs for adjusting the temperature.

Mainstream rivals in this class are really good as well. So you have got a lot of soft touch tools here and on the dashboard and Piano Black as well. even this sort of trendy diamond pattern on the inside of the doors here that's been given a rubberized texture. 

So it feels a bit more up market, a bit more expensive than it would do if it was just hard plastic. The infotainment system, all the same, is more of a mixed bag. Let's start with the positives. So the screen is relatively high up on the dash-board, so I have to look down too far to see it. And it's also angled towards the driver.

There are more steps than you really think are necessary. You can just bypass it completely and use your phone though. You get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard on the Toyota C-HR and to be honest, I use that all the time. The only downside is that you obviously do need a data connection on your phone to use things like the sat NAV. 

Toyota C-HR GR Sport 2022: In Depth Review

So if you go into an area with no signal, you might not know where you're going. But you do get adaptive cruise control, dual zone climate control, a reversing camera and Led headlights. It also keeps the price respectable, so it's actually our favorite trim and there are several packs you can add if you want a bit more kit.

Dynamic trim is worth considering as well. That adds builtin nerve and automatic wipers, but also front and rear parking sensors, heated seats, keyless entry and bigger alloys. And then right at the top of the range there's this GR Sport and XL as well, both trims cost exactly the same, but Excel, that's more about luxury.


So this car has the cheaper two hybrid powertrains. It pairs a 1.8 liter petrol engine with an electric motor session borrowed from the Toyota Prius. And it gives acceleration that isn't very fast at all. This car would actually struggle to beat the Dutch of sandaro in a drag race, so it isn't the best choice if you spend a lot of your time driving on motorways and rails. And because of the type of automatic gearbox it has called a CVT, it can also be quite noisy.

And you can encourage it to do that by pressing this EV mode button down here. But you do have to be very gentle with the accelerator pedal, because anything more than the petrol engine will just fire itself up anyway. The whole point of having a hybrid is to save fuel. And there's no doubt that the Toyota C-HR is more efficient than most of its rivals, even diesels.



It starts at more than £31,000, and if you want the two liter engine, Sam Alcantara seats, and an upgraded sound system, you'll be spending around £35,000.

That sort of money would get you a really nice Volvo XC 40, which isn't just a bigger car, it's also a better one in most areas as well. But if you're not too bothered about practicality and you really like the way the Toyota C-HR looks, then the cheaper versions, particularly with this one eight liter engine, make a pretty good buy.

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