BEWARE: Using Windows Event Logs Hackers Found to Hide Malware

BEWARE: Using Windows Event Logs Hackers Found  to Hide Malware

Hackers have created a brand new manner to hide malware through a way which specialists have defined as fantastic. Experts found that hackers had been using Windows event logs as an area to hide their malware.

Hackers Used a New Method to Hide Malware in Windows Event Logs

According to the tale with the aid of using TechRadar, the brand new method is the first of its type in which hackers used a custom malware dropper in an effort to inject a malware that doesn't have a document into Windows event logs.

The malware turned into strategically placed no longer simply any logs but as alternative logs which are in particular for Key Management Services (KMS). Kaspersky cybersecurity researchers had been the first to identify this modern method after a purchaser stated that they had had an endpoint injected.

Tools within side the Campaign Were Described as Commercial and/or Custom-Built

According to the researchers, the entire marketing campaign is designed to be very targeted and deploys a big set of tools. The tools used had been observed to be business and/or maybe custom-constructed for the particular attack.

Denis Legezo from Kaspersky introduced that it turned into the first actual time that hackers used this form of method. Legezo stated that the usage of the Windows event logs for malware had been noticed out of nowhere.

How the Malware is First Hidden withinside the Windows Event Logs

The malware dropper works with the aid of first copying WerFault.exe (the legitimate mistakes dealing with document at the running device) and placing it withinside the C:11 Windows 1 Task folder. Once in, an encrypted binary useful resource will then be introduced to Wer.dll into the equal space.

The Wer.dll or Windows Error Reporting seek order will then be hijacked and hackers can then load the device with malicious code. 

According to Legezo, the loader's motive is to experiment with the event logs and search for particular traces.

Hackers Write Pieces of Encrypted Shellcode Which Turns Into Malware

If no traces may be located, the hackers will then "write portions of encrypted shellcode" which in turn bring about the malware. The malware can then be used afterward withinside the attack's subsequent stage.

This way that the wer.dll will be painted as a loader and without the Windows event logs with the shellcode, the malware may not be capable of doing lots of harm. 

Legezo stated that the entire method turned into fantastic regarding how specific the hackers attempted to target the systems.

Hints Point Towards APT Attacker however Specific Hacking Group Remains Unknown

According to Legezo, the hackers might be professional and feature a terrific arsenal of profound business gear. The assertion given with the aid of Legezo, in step with TechRadar, hinted toward an APT attacker.

As of press time, no arms had been pointed as to who the chance actor is. Researchers, however, stated that the marketing campaign already began out lower back in September of the closing year.

Due to there being no similarities to the alternative preceding attacks, however, Tech Radar stated that this may imply the hackers might be new players.

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