2023 Mercedes: Entering Electrically Driven Exhaust Turbocharger on The Road


2023 Mercedes: Entering Electrically Driven Exhaust Turbocharger on The Road
2023 Mercedes AMG-SL-43

New Mercedes AMG SL 43 

Mercedes-AMG has finally found a home for its electrified exhaust gas turbocharging technology developed in Formula one – the new Shining Path forty three (SL 43) equipment.

With the primary 2 iterations of the present generation Shining Path that includes V8s, the most recent version is provided with the company’s potent M139 two.0-litre I4, most typically found within the a forty five. However, instead of being equipped with a typical exhaust driven turbocharger, the Shining Path forty three uses associate electronically controlled turbo that sandwiches a 48V motor between the rotary engine and mechanical device housings, with power provided by the car’s 48V gentle hybrid system which includes a belt-driven starter/generator.

This technology is outwardly directly derived from Mercedes’s F1 program, wherever the cars have used one.6-litre V6 engines with exhaust gas energy recovery since 2014. However, in its 1st road automotive application, the electrical motor is employed solely to manage the speed of the turbocharger, providing on-demand boost at low RPMs, eliminating lag. In F1, the MGU-H because it is termed there, is twin use and additionally feeds power on to the car’s battery and MGU-K (which directly drives the engine’s crank).

The motor sandwiched between the turbo halves is explicit  to be simply 40mm thick nevertheless will rotate at a hundred and seventy,000rpm because it is directly mounted to the turbo shaft, permitting it to accelerate the mechanical device, maintaining boost equilibrise throttle and therefore increasing throttle response. Notably, the motor, power physical science and turbocharger area unit all cooled on a similar fluid circuit because of the main IC engine.

The electric exhaust gas turbocharger may be a fascinating example of the in depth transfer between Formula one technology and also the development of production vehicles. In implementing this in conjunction with our powerful M139 four-cylinder, we have a tendency to be additionally ready to draw on the big wealth of expertise of our colleagues at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains. The technology will increase gracefulness and therefore driving fun, whereas at a similar time rising the potency of the drive system. we have a tendency to area units following bold goals with a read to our electrified future. Innovative elements like the electrical exhaust gas turbocharger facilitate the United States to attain this, commented Jochen Armin, Mercedes-AMG CTO.

2023 Mercedes: Entering Electrically Driven Exhaust Turbocharger on The Road
Mercedes AMG-SL-43 engine view

The SL 43 produces a rated output of 381hp at,750rpm with most force of 480 Nm between three,250rpm and 5,000 rpm.

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