3rd-gen OM 471 Extensive (heavy-duty) Engine Packs a Host of Efficiency Optimizations

3rd-gen OM 471 Extensive (heavy-duty) Engine Packs a Host of Efficiency Optimizations

Mercedes-Benz 3rd-gen OM 471

Mercedes-Benz has sent off the third era of its OM 471 extensive engine, which is accessible to request and will be accessible from late 2022. As indicated by the maker, the engine has been exhaustively reconsidered, to decrease the two outflows and running expenses.

Karin Rådström, individual from the Board of the executives of Daimler Truck Holding, answerable for the Europe and Latin America locales, and the Mercedes-Benz Trucks brand, remarked. With the 3rd era of the OM 471, we reliably centered around the necessities of our clients. Our objective was to diminish the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and lessen fuel utilization. Our clients will benefit, as will the climate.

More noteworthy eco-friendliness is, says Mercedes, accomplished because of improvement of the ignition framework, the utilization of used turbochargers and contact decrease measures all through the engine.

For instance, the calculation of the cylinder break, the infusion spout plan and math of the ignition chamber were dependent upon a broad enhancement process. This has considered the pressure proportion of the six-chamber in-line engine to be expanded from 18.3:1 to 20.3:1, giving a pinnacle start tension of 250 bar.

Mercedes has likewise presented two new turbochargers, created and made in-house, which are adjusted to the wide scope of client necessities. In the utilization improved variation, the emphasis is on the most reduced conceivable fuel utilization for use in significant distance haulage with a engine appraised at up to 350 kW (476 hp).

The second turbocharger variation is intended for superior execution and a high engine slowing down force applications, making it ideal for use in the substantial and development area with a engine rating of up to 390kW (530hp). For the lower and medium execution levels of the OM 471, Mercedes states that the greatest fuel saving contrasted and the past age really depends on 4%, and for the upper exhibition levels up to 3.5%.

Notwithstanding ignition and turbocharging, rubbing decrease is the third significant arm of Mercedes' way to deal with further developing eco-friendliness. To this end, the OM 471 has a recently evolved engine oil pressure control valve. This is introduced behind the engine oil siphon and before the oil indoor regulator. An electrical actuator empowers map-controlled utilization of the tension decreasing valve. Decreases in engine oil pressure are resolved utilizing a perplexing network that considers all engine parts and their particular prerequisites, like grease or cooling. A recently evolved engine oil with low consistency is likewise utilized, which the organization states upgrades oil pressure control, further developing eco-friendliness without decreasing oil change stretches or expanding the wear on impacted engine parts.

The smokes gas after treatment framework, which has been patched up and adjusted to the new burning and control arrangement of the OM 471, likewise further develops eco-friendliness. As far as possible the back pressure builds the consistency file of the AdBlue, which prompts further developed NOx change and lower fuel utilization. The NOx sensors, along with the shut and versatile NOx shut circle control circuit and a prescient SCR temperature model, have empowered emanation steadiness to be worked on significantly further. It is even agreeable with the strictest emanation guidelines, for example, Euro VIe, which call for successful constraint of fumes gas discharges over the whole typical life of a vehicle under ordinary use conditions.

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